Microsoft Puzzle Hunt A, February 10-11, 2007, Team Liboncatipu

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The "Sicilian Dish" puzzle said to "Order a Sunken Garden", so we ordered this pizza from Schmizza. It had lots of olives.

However, we weren't supposed to CUT or EAT it... it was part of the puzzle!

Look! We've assembled the thingy! This must be what the Quinoa is for!

Makeshift funnel out of solved puzzle paper.

You put your Quinoa in and you shake it all around...

Holy crap! There are dots in this thing!

(3.25 MB, 11 seconds movie of Quinoa shaking)

The bottom of the quinoa contraption. Looks like 2-0880, right?

Everyone else had to take pictures of the coolness of the Quinoa box too.

Cryptic Scrabble arrangement.

"Mendel's Experiment" cutout.

Jamie and Andy trying to figure out what the foldout says.

(c) Deanna Rubin 2007