Deanna's Puzzle Resume

Living in the Bay Area, we often switch around people on teams and/or have pickup teams for smaller events, or at least, I try to get a few newer puzzlers involved in things every year when possible. Introducing myself has become more and more complicated as time goes on because I've been involved in so many different puzzle scenes. So, I'm going to try to chronicle it a little.

Puzzles of mine online

Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 14

Assuming the site is still up, you can see the hunt I helped write here. (More likely you can check it out on instead, though.)

I wrote or cowrote Train Tracks, 555, Seven Sandwich Surprise, Ducket To Ride, The Family Game of Visual Perception, XD, Bottom of the Lineup, Magical History Tour, and Walk This Way.

Postcard Puzzle, summer 2013

I don't know if this translates well to online, but I scanned the postcards I wrote as a puzzle during a trip to Japan in 2013.

House Puzzles

When I lived in the Vertical House with friends in San Francisco, I would write puzzles to double as decoration and entertainment for our house parties. (If I can figure out a good way to put these online, I will.)

Puzzle Events

[to be continued... I hope to list all the events I've staffed or played in since 2003!]