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Deanna Rubin

  I want to work with interesting people to solve interesting problems. Ideally, I would use my technical background and skills, as well as my Japan experience, in a software company where I can make an impact. I enjoy writing code as well as writing documentation for programmers.

  Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
B.S. in Technical Writing with a minor in Computer Science

December 1998
  Computer Programming
  • Proficient with Perl, C, C++, Java, Python. Code samples available on request. World's expert on Stigscript (proprietary functional language for the Stig database).
  • Experience in software design, implementation, review, and testing.
  • Interests: API design, dev and doc tools, regular expressions, language translation, compilers.

Technical Writing

  • API documentation; programming guides, design specifications
  • Software Documentation; user manuals, desktop publishing
  • Online Information Design; SGML, HTML, Mason, XML, XSL, Photoshop, GIMP

Japanese Language

  • Intermediate-level grammar mastery, vocabulary, and speaking skills (JLPT N3, recertified December 2010)
  • Spoke Japanese on a daily basis for several years and did informal English-Japanese interpreting.
  • 3+ years living in Tokyo, have visited 46 of Japan's 47 prefectures.

  Technical Writer
Google, Mountain View, California
9/13 - Present
  • Writing and editing content to support releases for Google Cardboard, and for Google Play Games Services.
  • Designed and developed an internal tool to generate API reference pages in C, C++, and C#.
  • Designed the original developer website for ATAP Project Tango and wrote much of the content. Wrote tools to generate reference pages for C, Java, and Unity platforms.
  • Worked on the Chrome Developer Relations team to support documentation for the Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Edited documentation for projects such as Mobile Vision, Brillo, and Project Ara.
  Engineering Writer
Tagged.com, San Francisco, California
5/11 - 5/13
  • Worked on the Stig Database (a non-relational distributed scalable database being developed from scratch, implemented in C++) as a technical writer and engineer.
  • Designed parts of and documented all of the Stigscript programming language (a functional programming language used for interfacing with the Stig database)
  • Taught classes in Stig database concepts and Stigscript programming
  • Wrote applications for the Tagged website in Stigscript
  • Created and maintained parts of the Stigscript compiler (written in C++, translates Stigscript to C++)
  • Created demo interfaces for Stig applications in PHP and Javascript
  Assistant Language Teacher
W5 Staffing Services, Tokyo, Japan
4/09 - 12/10
  • Working full-time at an Arakawa-ku junior high school with around 230 students.
  • Responsible for running classes, preparing lesson materials, grading homework and tests, and overseeing other day-to-day tasks at the school.
  English Conversation Teacher
GEOS Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
8/07 - 10/08
  • Taught English conversation skills to about 50 students, ranging from 8 years old to 80 years old.
  • Responsible for running classes, preparing lesson materials, assigning and grading homework, doing administrative maintenance.
  Senior Software Engineer
General Electric Healthcare (merged from IDX Systems) Seattle, WA
6/05 - 7/07
  • Worked in the Centricity Enterprise Software Tools Group, which provides Perl tools to support developers throughout the company. Wrote Perl scripts to run on Windows, Linux, and Tandem platforms as needed.
  • Wrote a workflow system to automate processes on Linux and Tandem systems simultaneously.
  • Wrote Perl libraries to report errors from the build system into formats such as Wiki pages and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Built several tools to verify parts of the Carecast data conversion process.
  • Built a system to manage large trail files across nodes on the Tandem.
  Freelance Baseball Writer / Programmer
Marinerds.com, Seattle / Tokyo
4/05 - Present
  • Writing detailed game reports and news roundups about Japanese baseball.
  • Wrote and maintained a box score translator in Perl to produce English boxscores of Japanese baseball games (used on japanesebaseball.com).
  • Wrote a database program in PHP/MySQL to integrate game schedules and maps to stadiums in Japan.
  SDK Engineer
Digeo Inc., Kirkland, WA
8/04 - 2/05
  • Worked on the Moxi SDK (C++), helping to refine the public interface.
  • Fixed and augmented the existing SDK reference pages, using Doxygen.
  • Refined the online Moxi concepts guide and programming manual.
  • Wrote tools in Perl and Python for building documentation and producing error reports for the Doxygen pages and online docs.
  • Verified build procedures and SDK releases.
  Technical Writer
Amazon.com, Seattle, WA
8/02 - 3/04
  • Worked on the Intranet Technologies team for 7 months; documented parts of the Amazon Intranet platform; designed web pages and Mason (Perl) components; was a co-instructor for an internal course on Mason web development.
  • Worked in the Developer Tools group for 2 months documenting Amazon's proprietary code repository system.
  • Worked in the Website Platform group for 10 months. Wrote a reference manual for programming in and building websites with the platform, which included documentation on C++ and Perl components. Maintained the group's internal website. Wrote a how-to guide on building service components for the Amazon website, including a service application to use as sample code. Documented a site statistics monitor both from the underlying framework and the user interface.
  Technical Writer
WhizBang! Labs, Pittsburgh, PA
2/01 - 2/02
  • Wrote documentation for parts of the internal WhizBang C4 toolkit (Java), using Javadoc. Wrote system overviews and programming guides.
  • Developed conceptual guides on machine learning.
  • Produced release and install documentation for code releases.
  • Wrote sample applications in Java for documentation purposes.
  • Wrote and maintained an augmentation to Javadoc to include XML FAQs by subclassing the standard doclet.
  • Created documentation tools in Perl and Java.
  • Wrote scripts to manage files between a CVS-controlled web server and an uncontrolled binary file repository.
  • Produced XSLT templates to transform database output into human-readable formats such as HTML.
  Technical Writer
Clairvoyance Corporation (was Claritech), Pittsburgh, PA
7/99 - 2/01
  • Developed documentation of parts of the Clarit API (C++/Java), using Framemaker with SGML and Javadoc. Developed DTD and EDD files in Framemaker and corresponding scripts in Perl for conversion utilities.
  • Worked with developers to update and maintain API documentation. Contributed to code reviews and software design sessions.
  • Created sample applications in C++ and Java, and XSL stylesheets, for testing and documentation purposes.
  • Wrote content and created HTML/Javascript and graphics for the company's external and internal web sites. Wrote Perl scripts for site maintenance.
  • Wrote release notes for API releases.
  Administrative Coordinator/Technical Developer
Information Technology, Software Engineering Institute
1/99 - 6/99
  Technical Writer and Web Designer
CERT Coordination Center, Software Engineering Institute
10/97 - 1/99
  Student Programmer and Technical Writer
Carnegie Mellon Systems Development Group
6/97 - 9/98
  Teaching Assistant and Counselor
Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences
Summers 1996,
1997, 1998

  Course Assistant
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department
8/96 - 5/97

  "API Documentation: Seeing the Forest (And Not Just The Trees)"
Co-written with Monica Cellio. Presented at the STC Region 4 Conference, October 20, 2000 and at the Pittsburgh STC Chapter Meeting, January 16, 2001. Accepted for the STC 2001 National Conference.

Awards and Activities
  H&SS Dean's List, Spring 1998
Adamson Award for Fiction, 1997   
Senior Leadership Award, 1998
Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity
CMU Kiltie Band (Baritone Horn)
SCS Student Advisory Council

IM Bridge Champions, 1996-1998
IM Volleyball Champions, 1997
SCS Grad/Undergrad Volleyball
CMU Ballroom Dance Club
CMU Bridge Club (co-founder)
Student Senate
Thistle Yearbook (photographer)