In nuking my page I also nuked most of the stuff I had here. A couple poems and a story are all that remain.


  • Poem on Pascal's Triangle, April 8, 1996. We were experimenting with sestinas and villanelles for 76-265. Again, being a math/CS geek, I decided to write this sestina.
  • Matthew, September 10, 1996. This poem is about my friend Matt Devos, who graduated in May 1996, and I missed him a whole lot, so I wrote a poem about him.
  • A Love Swung Over J. Alfred Prufrock, November 5, 1996. I love T.S. Eliot, especially his Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock poem, but I was in a weird mood and decided I needed to parody it. Unfortunately nobody in my workshop had actually read the original, so they didn't really get this poem either...
  • Gimme a Love Poem, and Hold the Ketchup, December 10, 1996. (revised March 1997). This poem was published in the Spring 1997 issue of the Oakland Review.
  • b&w, March 14, 1997. We had to write a sonnet for our Reading Poems class, and I had photography on my mind, so I wrote this... it was published in the April 1998 issue of Dossier.
  • Kanji-chan, Aug 27, 1998. This is about my friend Carl doing his Japanese homework.
  • Thinking of You, September 3, 1998. I was inspired by William Carlos Williams and Kenneth Koch for this one..
  • Numerology, Oct 1, 1998. Brad Keryan helped me come up with most of the numbers for this one.
  • Ice Cream For Breakfast, November 4, 1998. Inspired by, well, ice cream. :)
  • Order Notation, first written in April 1996 and then revised in March 1997 for Adamson submissions. I still wonder if anyone not associated with computer science would understand it.
  • Resisting Arrest, October 21, 1998. Written prior to my father's heart attack, oddly enough.
  • Wreckognition, last revised April 16, 1998. This was also published in the Dossier.


    I wrote a lot more fiction than poems in college, volume-wise. This was my best work. It won an Adamson Award in the Spring of 1997. It's called Ballroom Barbie.

    This page last updated March 10, 2005.