9/15 and 4/23 were best friends
until the day she stopped 9-to-5ing
and the friendship 180'ed,
as he wandered in 3-4 time
through endless 7-11's, 24-7,
trying to 86 her from memory.

867-5309 sauntered through
the undersides of 95,
listening to the street, 103.9 FM,
60 minutes of 80's. Tonight she'd party
like 1999, have a few 45's,
prove 151, whatever. Maybe love 15,
who knows, sing on top of the baby
grand 88 in the basement of 930.

Vicks 44 soothed 98.6+'s throat
as he sat watching the big 4,
lucky 7, channel 53. 1-800 danced
around as 2-bits 19.95'ed the products.
99.44, but who could you really trust?
Elsewhere a beautiful 42-24-36 reported
that it was 83 in Dallas.

9/15 was 10-speeding up the hill
past the kids who 31-flavor part time,
congregating outside 99 million served.
At his apartment he 7-digited her,
listening to the rings. Two, three, four.
57 varieties sat on his table.
He 9.8'ed the bottle out the window,
heard the 7-10 split and waited for infinity.

(c) Deanna Rubin 1998 writing index