Deanna's Filks

I like writing parody lyrics. I'd even like to think I'm pretty decent at it (at least, I make lots of people laugh). Here's some of the stuff I've written over the years (in reverse chronological order, so the top stuff is newer and probably better):

Filk Song Title Parodied Song Subject Year
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2006 Seattle Mariners Wild Wild West, by The Escape Club Baseball / Seattle Mariners 2006
Stove League Sleigh Ride, by Leroy Anderson Baseball / Offseason 2006
A Simple Insultory Philippic A Simple Desultory Philippic, by Simon and Garfunkel Baseball / Mariners 2006
The Guy With The Slider The Eye Of The Tiger, by Survivor Baseball / Mark Lowe 2006
Long Ball, the Musical! Original music/lyrics Baseball / Red Sox 2006
Haren Tonight Karen By Night, by Jill Sobule Baseball / Dan Haren 2006
We Can't Hit Halamas Yes! We Have No Bananas, by Frank Silver and Irving Cohn Baseball / John Halama 2006
I Hope I Get It I Hope I Get It, from A Chorus Line Baseball / Spring Training 2006
Moneyball: The Musical! Various Musicals Baseball 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2005 Seattle Mariners The Boxer, by Simon and Garfunkel Baseball 2005
The 2005 MVP Al-Star Team Money For Nothing, by Dire Straits Baseball 2005
Scutaro Sussudio, by Phil Collins Baseball 2005
Number Three Number Three, by They Might Be Giants D&D 2005
What Do You Do With a Major League Contract / Sucks To Be Us What Do You Do With a B.A. In English? / Sucks To Be Me, from Avenue Q Baseball 2005
King Felix Prince Ali, from Aladdin Baseball 2005
Good Morning Baltimore Good Morning Baltimore, from Hairspray Baseball 2005
Pedro's Night Quintet/Rumble, from West Side Story Baseball 2005
Gee, Umpire Buckley! Gee, Officer Krupke!, from West Side Story Baseball 2005
Ball Belle, from Beauty and the Beast Baseball 2005
Fugue For Vendors Fugue for Tinhorns, from Guys and Dolls Baseball 2005
50 Ways to Blow Your Contract 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, by Paul Simon Bridge 2005
The Officer-in-Training's Lament Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls Puzzle Pirates 2005
King of Pain King of Spain, by Moxy Fruvous King of Pain, by the Police 2005
King of Spain King of Pain, by the Police King of Spain, by Moxy Fruvous 2005
Weaver I'm a Believer, by the Monkees Puzzle Pirates 2005
Sure Antsy Basket Case, by Green Day Puzzle Pirates 2005
Park and Epsilon Boston and St. John's, by Great Big Sea Puzzle Pirates 2005
The Fandango Tango The Masochism Tango, by Tom Lehrer Puzzle Pirates 2005
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2005 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim She's An Angel, by They Might Be Giants Stupid baseball club name changes 2005
Down on Nu At the Zoo, by Simon and Garfunkel Puzzle Pirates 2004
Danny Wilson Brian Wilson, by the Barenaked Lades Seattle Mariners 2004
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2004 Seattle Mariners American Pie, by Don McLean Seattle Mariners (baseball) 2004
Skellies on Olivia! America, by Simon and Garfunkel Puzzle Pirates 2004
The Ballad of Maxdemian Maxwell's Silver Hammer, by the Beatles Puzzle Pirates 2004
Do The Local Potion Do the Locomotion... by whoever Puzzle Pirates 2004
Carping Nut Coconut, by Harry Nilsson Puzzle Pirates 2004
Turtle Island America, from West Side Story Puzzle Pirates 2004
La Isla Tortuga La Isla Bonita, by Madonna Puzzle Pirates 2004
Pretty Fly For a Loot Guy Pretty Fly For a White Guy, by The Offspring Puzzle Pirates 2004
Complicated Complicated, by Avril Lavigne Puzzle Pirates 2004, 2005
Doin' Lots of Carpentry Doin' What Comes Nat'rally, from Annie Get Your Gun Puzzle Pirates 2004
Ye Can't Booch This U Can't Touch This, by M.C. Hammer Puzzle Pirates 2004
Ice Ice Breakers Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice Puzzle Pirates 2004
Eight Foot Trochee Purple Toupee, by TMBG Puzzle Pirates 2004
The Pillaging Song The Hunting Song, by Tom Lehrer Puzzle Pirates 2004
Distill, Little Greenie Lie Still, Little Bottle, by TMBG Puzzle Pirates 2004
The End of the War The End of the Tour, by TMBG Puzzle Pirates 2004
Onto The Boat Into the Woods: Prologue, by Stephen Sondheim Puzzle Pirates 2004
Aiai Butterfly, by Super Monkey Ball 2004
Feelin' Gunny The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) by Simon & Garfunkel Puzzle Pirates 2004
The Sloop Big Hake The Sloop John B, arranged by the Beach Boys et al. Puzzle Pirates 2003
Sloop Ride Sleigh Ride Puzzle Pirates 2003-2004
Can't Stop Holding The Bar (Speed Mod Mix) Can't Stop Falling In Love (Speed Mix) by Naoki feat. Paula Terry Dance Dance Revolution 2003
Failing This Song Follow the Sun (from DDR 3rd/4th Mix) Dance Dance Revolution 2003
Tray Ride Sleigh Ride Sledding on cafeteria trays at CMU 2002
I've Got a Duck That Quacks We've Got a World that Swings (the TMBG version) My new duck keychain that quacks! 2002
The Night before DDRMas (or, a visit from St. Naoki) The Night Before Christmas (the poem) Dance Dance Revolution 2002
Dancing Queen Dancing Queen, by Abba Dance Dance Revolution 2002
Morning Mother Wean Morning Morgantown, by Joni Mitchell Wean Hall, on the CMU campus 2002
Oops, I Bid It Again Oops, I Did It Again by Britney Spears Bridge 2002
Banned That Largo Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish Megatokyo 2001
Old Time Swish'n'Flick Old Time Rock'n'Roll by Bob Seger Harry Potter 2001
Hotel Hogwarts Hotel California by the Eagles Harry Potter 2001
GUI Man Piano Man by Billy Joel Working at Claritech 2000
Still Hackin' Perl To Me Still Rock'n'Roll To Me by Billy Joel Writing Perl code. :) 2000
My Baby's In Love With Harry Potter My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder by Weird Al Yankovic Harry Potter 2000
Let's Build Lots of Cities Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) by the Pet Shop Boys The Settlers of Catan 2000
The Panther Hollow Bridge Song (Feelin' Bitter) The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) by Simon & Garfunkel Grad students in bad moods 2000
Greyhawk City New York City by Cub covered by TMBG The Free City of Greyhawk 2000
Naperville Video Bargainville by Moxy Fruvous Roadtripping to Chicago 1999
Mr. Burch Mr. Jones by Counting Crows Carl Burch, a Computer Science teacher at PGSS 1998
Emerald City New York City by Cub covered by TMBG The Wizard of Oz 1998
Your Own Worst Parody Your Own Worst Enemy by TMBG Writing bad filk 1998
Hotel Hamerschlag Hotel California by the Eagles The PA Governor's School for the Sciences 1997
The End of the Sore End of the Tour by TMBG Loud concerts 1997
GDB Turn Around, by TMBG Debugging C code 1996
Pocket Protector Metal Detector, by TMBG Nerds at CMU 1996
Pittsburgh City New York City, by Cub, covered by TMBG Pittsburgh 1996
My Ears are Ringing The Bells are Ringing by TMBG Loud concerts 1996

Deanna Rubin
All rights reserved, all wrongs syncopated.